We are an EU company operating in Poland in the field of services related to searching for jobs and acquiring employees.

We operate in the field of recruiting employees in such countries as Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia and other countries from the Eastern Bloc.

The main direction of our activity is to obtain job offers, search for and recruit employees, analyze their knowledge, qualifications and experience, and direct them to work in accordance with individual expectations and capabilities.

We implement all the challenges posed by the European labor market.

We search for and target specialized staff with unique features, knowledge and experience.

We believe that we are able to meet even the biggest and the most unusual expectations of both employees and employers.

We operate only with the best people, with those who are not afraid to learn something new, with those who are not afraid of new challenges, because only they really can stand out.

They are the basic element of our success.

Our company specializes in job placement, we do it on a local and international scale.

Quality matters for us, not the place of birth.

Our company is a legally operating company registered in the National Register of Employment Agencies (KRAZ) under number 18896